Outdoor Rabbit Housing Suggestions?

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    May 26, 2015
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    Hi there,
    My eight month old rabbit escaped the yard yesterday and luckily a very nice someone picked him up and took him to the animal shelter, so we got him back in no time. But now it's become clear that allowing him free reign of the yard just won't work! I'm heartbroken because i know he loves to run and explore the yard, but I also know we can't have him escape again; he's a very cute bunny and the next person that finds him may not be so inclined to return him. We're going to get him microchipped and neutered soon hopefully. But I'm looking at hutches online and i just can't seem to find any that look like they have enough space for a rabbit to be more than comfortable and that has good quality! I could talk to my family about hiring a contractor to build one that I design, but with how expensive neutering gets in the city I don't think that will be a very economically friendly decision. And once Pups is neutered I would really love to get him a friend, so in addition to a spacious and well made hutch, I need one that can hold two bunnies! Does anyone have any advice or good brands I can look into?

  2. Hi! [​IMG] Thank goodness you got your bunny back! I don't have a brand to suggest, but could you build your own? When I was in Jr High, I built a nice coop for my bunny out of 2X4's, 1X2's hardware cloth and a sheet of plywood. It was very inexpensive. If you google rabbit hutch plans, there are great ideas. You could easily build a little play yard for them too! If you like to let him run around, you could always buy the pre- made hutch and add a fenced play yard. Best of luck to you and I hope you get more suggestions!

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