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12 Years
Jan 30, 2007
I want to build a coop like this- http://www.diylife.com/2008/04/09/backyard-chickens-build-an-outhouse-coop-with-a-beer-can-roof/ Does anyone have an outhouse coop? What do you think of this one? Would a coop like this need to be insulated in an area that has about 4 months of usually mild winters (heat lamp would be provided during very cold snaps) and summers that rarely get above 90*F.? If so, what would be the cheapest but most efficient way to insulate? I do plan to add some extra ventilation somehow. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

Love It!

I was asking similar questions myself, and was pretty much told that for my area insulation isn't a Must Have but a Bonus.
Now this is Texas I'm talking about, more heat concerns than cold, but still we did just get 7" of snow last week so... *shrug*

The main thing I was told is No Drafts. Make sure they can get out of the wind.
But then, there's also topics on Open Air Coops too, so there ya go.
Perfect size for two chickens. Needs ventilation up high, two sides. Does not need insulation where you are. Needs to set up 18" or so to prevent becoming a rodent haven/breeding ground or local version of serpent world. As a plus, the neighbors will just love it!
My first chicken coop was a outhouse it worked perfect for 6 bantams and then I become chickenholic and built a chicken coop next to it. I have the laying nest and roost in it. The birds that roost in it stay warmer then the ones that use the big coop.

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