outlaw chickens?


9 Years
Oct 25, 2010
I presently live in the city of Roanoke Va. They are going to outlaw chickens in Salem Va. These people have been allowed to have chickens for years. Go to www.whattheclucksalem.weebly.com to learn more and sign the petition. I cant imagine what I would do if they tried to change the laws where I live. I have put a lot of money and time into my chickens and enjoy them immensley. This has come about out of pure ignorance. People worrying about the bird flu and sanitation. Much less likely to have the bird flu in a small well maintained flock, more of a problem in factory farming situations. It makes me angry to think you can have a yard full of noisy sometimes dangerous dogs which are more of a disease threat than chickens. Rabies, hook and roundworms that can be passed to humans. Possibly harboring ticks that can transmit Lyme disease. Where I live cats are allowed to roam free! These little predators can be a real threat where Rabies is concerned. I hope the people of Salem Va can get the law changed. They are practically at my back door.
I signed it! Best of luck to you!
I know how it feels, as they aren't allowed here either. Too bad, my girls are staying.
Thank you for posting that. Do people really think chickens are any more messy of loud or desease-spreading than dogs? Wow, what has the world come to?? Why do people think farming is so bad?? Where i live we ALL know not to believe that malarky. Thanks again for posing that link.

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