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    May 29, 2007
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    After 5 weeks in the garage, I couldn't take it anymore and I think I put 8 hours the weekend of the 4th predator proofing so I would feel comfortable that they would be outside on their own and I don't lock them up at night, so we buried fencing as well as me putting chicken wire over the wire mesh and also putting mesh over the top, still have roosts to put up but for now they are "happy chickens" in their 20x20 run!!


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    [​IMG] I bet they are as happy as you are ! Looks predator proof to me....... I had just let my new Guineas and flock of 5 new ones out to free range yesterday. Talk about nerve racking....but all returned in the evening to roost..........well all accept a Guniea I call Miss Tizzy.she seems to be in a tizzy no matter what is happening.. finally had to net her to get her in, she just ran around the outside edge of the coop yelling.....lol passed the gate several times .! [​IMG] Enjoy and good luck
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