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Nov 22, 2020
Central Texas
I have 5 chick(en)s that are almost 5 weeks old (hatched on Nov. 12th). They are currently inside my study with a heat lamp, but they are getting rowdy and loud so they need to move out soon. The temperatures here dip into just below freezing occasionally, but are mostly in the 30s and up.
When could I put them in the outdoor coop? I’d prefer not to use a heat lamp once they are outside.
thank you!
Are you aware that these are all boys? You may want to rehome them before stressing over the winter coop thing :hugs

x2, that was my first thought.

Uh, otherwise they're feathering in well and assuming you keep some of them, you can either take them out for play sessions outside to expose them to your outside conditions, and gradually increase the length of time they're out until they're used to it, or (and I assume they're off heat inside?) you could put them in a colder room in your house, maybe even with the window open, to drop the temperatures in the brooder to help acclimate them to the cooler temperatures.
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