May 28, 2017
I’m worried for my hen. She’s been in bad shape, even since the bully hen at the top of the pecking order passed away. She’s lost feathers and is all prickly, but I know it’s not molting because there aren’t any feathers on the ground and they’re not growing back. Her limp, which didn’t seem to be bothering her so I assumed she just hatched with it, has gotten a lot worse and she practically has to “gallop” everywhere. What should I do? She’s about 2-3 years old in a flock of 5. One is a bantam.
Sorry these took so long. I've been busy lately.
Here is her neck.

Here's the bottom of her foot. (It's been raining lately so it may be hard to tell)
Agreed on the foot, give it a wash, if it's hard, soak in some warm soapy water and clean it off well, and then a picture of top and bottom would help. I think there may be some raised scales on top which might be scaly leg mites, but the picture isn't clear enough to tell for sure. Have to see what's under the dirt to tell what may be going on there on the bottom.
The part covered in mud is actually in between her toes. The reason it looks like that is because I was taking the picture by myself, holding my phone underneath her foot and using the selfie camera. I circled the bottom here.


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Sorry can’t really tell. The area just above the red circle looks strange.
I can’t tell if she’s got some Bumblefoot going on or not. Doesn’t look like a emergency type of thingie so perhaps when you have some help with the photos.
Gotta hand it to you for trying all by yourself lol bet that wasn’t easy at all!

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