Over feeding?


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
I have a month old rooster who tends to eat a lot. I fill up a 2in by 2in box everyday. I have stopped filling it up because there is feed left in his cage. But is that too much? He does have a lump on his chest that someone said could be caused by him eating too much. Please help :)
the lump on his chest is his crop, it should be nice and full at night and small in the morning - its where their food get ground up for digestion. He won't over eat if that's what you're worried about. A 2x2 box isn't much food at all, he will be going through that quickly, but he will also be scratching it out all over the cage, its just how they eat.

Is he in there by himself? Chickens are flock animals and do better when not alone.
Hes in a cage by himself but right next to the cage is our 4 younger chicks. They have to be separate because he pecks on them. But he does spread the food all over the cage.
Whats the age difference between the cockerel and the chicks?

Anyway, you could use a deep dish, that will keep him from getting to much food out. If he's anything like my idiots, put a heavy-ish rock in the center of the dish, so if he stands on it, it won't tip over.

Also, come on over and check out the Michigan thread. There is sure to be fellow BYC-ers near by.
age difference is about 2 weeks. He usually eats enough everyday. I figure he probably does knock his feed dish over but he usually scratches around and finds what he spills.
I'd put them together. There is going to be some pecking, but as long as there is no bloody terror pecking, they'll be fine. He's just going to establish that he's the boss right away. You see that with chicks who are hatched together too... Just make sure there is enough room, enough food and water for everyone.
I just put them all together today. The oldest roo (I have 3 roos) got kicked out away from his perch. But we have 3 other perches so he does have another place to go. And I changed the feed they are on. They were on medicated feed and now they are not. They seem pretty happy together.

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