Over mated hen?


7 Years
Apr 10, 2014
We have a beautiful campine hen, 2 red sex link hens, one white sex link hen, one sultan hen and one rooster who is possibly a Mille Fleur mix.
The small rooster can successfully mate with only the campine, due to his size. The big girls just ignore him. Since he hit puberty and began mating, my campine hen (she was the sweetest hen, loved to be held, came to see us, etc... ) has become a different bird. She doesn't like to be held and is now being mean to the other hens, especially the sultan. Is she being over mated by this little guy? Would this lead to her personality change?
Thank you.
It's probably not an issue with over-mating. Over-mating results in feather loss on the back, and broken feathers on the backs of the wings. I've found as some hens mature, their personalities change a little bit too. How old is your hen? As for the picking on the the others, I'd say she's just asserting her spot in the pecking order.

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