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8 Years
Jan 8, 2013
Three of my chickens are terrorizing my sweet white leghorn. She sits on her roost, and won't come down. They chase and peck her. I have taken the three offenders out of the coop but I am worried and sad! I place food and water on her roost. They have been together since day one and are exactly a year old. 2 Americaunas ( Merry and Connie), 2 Astrolorps ( Astro and Lorp, New Hampshire (Hammie), Silver Laced Wyandotte (Bardot...we thought she was a Bard Rock, and sweet "Cali". Connie, Lorp and Bardot are the meanies.

Cali's comb is droopy and this morning when one of the offenders approached she flew onto my shoulder in a panic.

There are 7 chickens, multiple feed and watering stations, misters... everything that should keep this behavior at bay.

Help please! I need to stop this, because in the long run they all have to be together.

It's possible that she is sick, and they know it. Chickens are very good at concealing symptoms of illness. If she were mine I would try putting her in a pen, where the others can see and interact with her for a few days, but not hurt her. It doesn't have to be a big pen, but big enough so she can move around anyway. And just watch. Feed her well. If she continues to act healthy, you could try letting her out a bit when you can be out there to supervise, and just see what's going on. They might stop it if you are there to intervene, over time. I've had that work before. If they don't, and she stays healthy maybe you could get another white Leghorn hen or pullet to keep her company, and eventually let the two of them out together. Then she would have a companion of her own kind, and they would probably stay together and the others might leave them alone. Any new chicken you get, you have to quarantine for a few weeks of course, but after that you could put them together.
Oh thank you so much! This makes sense. Because it was so sudden. We have a nice wire crate I just put her in and I put everybody back in the coop and run. She is fully protected, and should feel safe. I promise to let you know how it works out.

Thanks again,

Good, I hope it works out well! Let us know. Make sure she eats well and usually if I have one in a pen for any reason I give them goodies...chopped fruit or scrambled eggs, yogurt or tomato...Sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, oatmeal, banana, whatever they like. a little on top of their regular food. Just as a treat, since they can't go out, and they do need to eat well. I always feel like it cheers them up to have goodies...
If you give a treat once in a while to the others too, that keeps everyone cheerful.
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