Overpecked hen - head injuries and very weak PIC *advice?*


10 Years
Apr 2, 2011
Liberal Kansas
She can be food aggressive and i think one of my turkeys went after her. I cleaned her up and put neosporin all over her head area. She is moving around alittle in her isolated crate but no appetite (resting mainly). I put some apple and feed in there but no interest in it so far. I forced her to drink some water she isn't doing it on her own. Thank you for any advice on helping her recover.

She is an Egyptian Fayoumi.
I just recenlty (a week ago) had to separate a hen that got picked on. I sprayed her wounds with that blue antiseptic spray and put her in a brooder with vitamin enriched water and some crumble and she has been recovering quite nicely. I hope yours recovers as well. Of course, with her having the wound on her head, be careful about getting anything in her eyes or nose. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
Thank you very much Taylor Farms. I did give her some pediayte and baby aspirin in a dropper - she swallowed the liquid but still no interest in food. thinking about feeding mash with water in oral syringe if she doesn't eat in the morning. I am not sure how long adult chickens can go without eating... mine seem hungry all the time!
How is she? I've seen some stories/pics of chickens that have survived far worse. Our own hen had a prolapsed vent that was torn and fleshy from egg shell. She healed. Keep us posted.

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