overwhelmed and trying to decide on co-op..

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    Dec 12, 2010

    We got our chickens (5 silkies) and they are 4, almost 5 weeks old now.

    We are going to be getting them set up in a coop here soon but I have some questions.

    First I am planning to get more chickens-better layers...bigger birds, etc. I am getting mixed reviews on keeping the silkies with layers..thoughts? What if we introduce baby chicks to adult silkies or should I just keep them separate?

    Also, we don't have tons of space. I could put the silkies in a smaller coop as I hear they don't need as much space and they will be held a lot by my children. I could create a larger coop for the layers....and not waste the space the silkies might take up-if that makes sense.

    I am so overwhelmed. I see all these awesome pictures and can't decide-a tractor, a big coop for everyone, 2 coops-then what...a small ark for the silkies or this or that. LOL I have different options on where to put them too-court yard, front yard, lower yard, side, yard, etc.

    Thanks for your thoughts and advice as I know there are different things to keep in mind like roosting for silkies vs. the larger hens...etc. Do I want a run that the adults can walk in or just a small run for the chicks to run in...how many roosting boxes for silkies vs. the other hens....

    Any info. is greatly appreciated! [​IMG]
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    I have a very mixed flock. Large fowl birds, bantam birds, regular ones, silkies, frizzles, etc. My silkies do just fine running with my big birds. However, if you have small children who may be outside with them, you may indeed want a silkie only coop.....that way your kids don't have to watch out for big roosters and things.

    My silkies roost with the "regular" chickens, use the same nest boxes, hang out together, etc.

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