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May 31, 2010
Absarokee Montana
Does it ever get better??? All this stuff that we still have to get for them, and I worry about them making it. So far they have made it to the 1 month mark and I'll be really happy when they make it to old age and die from Old Age.... But does it ever get easier? Like cleaning up after them? giving them their vitamins, worming them???? Making sure they stop sneezing... ??? Does it get better?
Ssshhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhh. It will get better. *pat pat pat* They just take so much care when they're little ones. It will be so much easier once they're outside in their coop and run.

I never had more than 8 chicks at a time, and usually only 4 or 5, perhaps you have too many of them to start with?
If they are only a month old, the chicks sneezing & having to worm them is very, very unusual. I have never given vitamins to a chicken and I have owned dozens. I think you need a mentor to help you figure out what is *mandatory* in chick keeping. Chicks are not as hard as you describe. I hope, dear, that someone can help you figure out if you have a batch of fragile birds or you are doing too much.

Best of luck!
Yeah... you sound like you are having alot of trouble for birds that are so young....
If they are sneezing its not a good sign...
I was reading somewhere about this one kind of medicine you can give them if they are sneezing, coughing or gasping.. its called VetRx Poultry Remedy
So all will be good when I can get some. Yeah its alot too take on I only have just the four I know I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill, I only have four but will be getting six more next tuesday. Its been awhile since Ive raised chicks last time i was a kid and i helped lol..
I looked at your other posts, to see if there was more information on their sneezing. I saw that you had lost one of your chicks to a cat. No wonder you are more anxious! I would be, too. I'm sorry you and your little girl had to go through that. Most people are anxious about their chicks at first, even if nothing bad has happened. They're so tiny! Reading up on chicken care can definitely cause a case of information overload, too. I think a lot of people get that, too.

Have your chicks been sneezing a lot? Or is it just an occasional thing? Do you see any discharge? Do they seem to feel alright or act like they don't feel well? What I'm wondering, is if one of the chicks just got some dust up it's nose one day or if they actually do have some type of infection.

Unless chicks are sick or arrived in bad condition, they basically need a warm brooder, chick feed and water. Worming is something you shouldn't need to worry about until they are adults, not when they are chicks.

To keep chicks cleaner in the brooder, you can sprinkle a light layer of clean wood shavings over any messier areas as needed, between cleanings. I find that helps a lot. At one month, your chicks must be getting big. Are they still in the brooder or have they moved to their coop? I think they're a lot less work once they are outside in the coop.
I worried a LOT when I first had chickens, 10 yrs ago. Now I very rarely worry about anything, mainly because nothing bad ever really happened. Just relax and enjoy your chicks while they are little--they grow so fast.

I only provide a warm brooder (using wood pellets this year rather than shavings and I have zero odor), a constant supply of food and clean water (no vitimins). I'm on my 4th batch this spring and they all survived except for the 2 one-day-olds who fell asleep in the waterer and drowned
(even though it was a chick waterer).

I have found that they are less work if you are able to use feeders and waterers that are large enough to only need filling once or twice a day--this really saves time. Elevate the waterers to help keep them from kicking shavings into them. Then the only thing you need to do is to sit with your cup of coffee (tea, wine) and watch chickie TV.
I'm so glad that I have you guys to give me them much needed advice, we have them outside in a coop now because they started to get so big to stay inside anymore in their brooder.. They act very healthy and they don't have any discharge thankgoodness... They act like normal chickens boc bocing away and still peeping, scratching the ground, eating their greens and worms when they can find them..

Yeah I guess it didn't help losing one already so my husband thinks that I have become paranoid.. I know that they are just chickens but they are more than that. You hold them when they are little and you bond with them. My daughter Luella has bonded with out Rooster- Cotton like I said in that picture of him.. I don't know if thats a good thing or not. It might be when she gets older enough to show him in 4H....

Then to top that off we are getting six more this coming week.. Three Australorps and three Rare big fowl breeds... My husband wont let me get anymore
oh well I should be grateful for what I have been allowed to get. Anyway I will try to be brave and let them be chickens and let them grow more and more.. Its like letting my children grow and have their wings when they get older... But I want to thank everyone for their advice.
Oh yeah the sneezing isn't constent so its once and awhile when they start to scratch the dirt.. Plus it hasnt helped that ever since we put them out in their coop its been raining like crazy, but they are pretty smart and go inside where its nice and warm plus i change their bedding every other day and put new shavings down....

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