Owl on the prowl


Dec 25, 2011
A few nights ago, we heard an owl (most likely on the roof of our home) near the chicken coop. We shined a light in the yard and most of our chickens were hiding and not in thier normal sleeping areas. We have a nylon net covering the run that has anchors every 8 inches or so. I've spotted hawks, crows and now an owl. So far after nearly 2 years, we are truly blessed we haven't lost anybirds to predators. We are in central AZ. Are there any other tips for protecting our egg factory from predators in the desert?

Thank you!
if a chicken can fit though any spot so can an owl. An owl will go into a house to get food. My dad came home one day to find one in his pigeon house in broad daylight. Hope this helps
Is it true that a red light (at night) deters owls? Wind chimes perhaps?
I do not think a red light works. I can lay in pasture under tree with roosting chickens and once owl lands just 20 feet above me, I can shine flashlight into its eyes and get no response. Owl will also go after chickens roosting on roof of house even when they activate a sensor light while doing so. A few nights each month great-horned owls visit repeatedly each night even when I chase them off. Dog seems much more effective than I at getting owl to leave. Last observation I watched owl under conditions I could it under very well. Owl tracked activity of dog but ignored me. Dog played waiting game with owl where when owl knocked chickens on ground, dog would go sit by chicken making racket and look up at owl apparently hoping owl would fly down. This would go on for many minutes at a time before owl would fly off and dog would give chase.

Deny owl access by owl routes accessible by air or ground, otherwise dog him / her.

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