Own 2 backyard hens, one died suddenly from a "cold"? Can you help diagnose?


Jun 9, 2020
Greetings. Mavis and Mildred are 3-year-old free-range, Bovans or Lohman Reds. Both very healthy until Mavis started laying yolkless, small eggs for about 6 weeks. Then for 3 days, she seemed to have a slight cold with a few sneezes and runny nose. She held her beak open a lot. Runny poop. Eating and drinking fine. On the 4th day, her comb tinged with blue, she took to the nesting box and was gone in 8 hours. Mildred continues to be perfectly healthy, laying large eggs every day with several double yolk eggs per month. We are confused about Mavis's yolkless egg production and wonder if it is connected to the sickness. We could not get a diagnosis, there are no vets in our area who attend chickens. Does anybody recognize this disease or sickness? We just found this site and this is our first year with chickens. They were gifted to us last summer from a friend that had to rehome due to her city's laws. The chickens have happily survived a whole year in our backyard and even survived a Quebec winter in their coop. We've disinfected everything for Mildred and she continues to do fine.
I'm so sorry. That sounds really odd. Did you notice any difference in her eyes? If you notice a difference in Mildred, give antibiotics, pronto. Never heard of a yolkless egg...

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