Oxine vs. Chlorhexidine -- Are they interchangeable?

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    What the heck is the difference between Oxine AH (which, I know is a disinfectant which is said to have killed every bacteria, virus and mold it has ever been tested against--but is that number 10 or 10,000?) and chlorhexidine (which I understand to be an antiseptic that kills something like 60 different viruses, fungi and bacteria).

    I know I'm kind of answering my question within itself, but seriously, I cannot figure out when to use one versus the other. Can I use them interchangeably?

    The big difference in usage is that many of you use Oxine in a fogger or humidifier. Why couldn't I do that with properly diluted chlorhexidine? It seems that pediatricians recommend using a bit of chlorhexidine in the humidifier to keep it germ free, but wouldn't using it in my chicken's humidifier keep their lungs and air sacks healthy?

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    I dont see use of chlorhexidine as an inhalant, and that could be the difference between the two products. What effect would it have internally if it were inhaled? We know what oxine will do when inhaled. I'll stick with oxine.

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