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    This is kind of a thread of a thread, related to steffpeck's question about one kind of feed for all chickens...

    My birds just turned 16 weeks. I have 13 pullets and two roos. I've gotten one egg yesterday and one the day before, so someone is laying. [​IMG] I need more chicken food - do I get layer ration and mix it in with the grower/finisher I have left, gradually switching over, or should I get another bag of grower/finisher and just put out oyster shell for the layer? Will that be enough calcium for her? And what about the roos? I really have no way to separate them... will the layer feed calcium hurt them? [​IMG]

    I have Agway and Tractor Supply near here, don't know where to find the Purina feed, guess I could look on line...I've been feeding Dumor unmedicated, they like it, and obviously they're doing well on it! So I'd just as soon stay with something I know works for them, but what would be best for the chirps??
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    I would put out the oyster shell , the ones that need it or want it will eat what they need. I feed layer pellets to mine roos and all. even the younger ones . I also put out some starter so the younger birds get what they want..
    Get you a bag of layer feed and feed both, that way your pullets will get what they need.
    After you are getting more laying drop the starter.
    Best of luck. Dont you just love the first eggs.
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    I would get the layer ration and blend it with the remaining grower and do a full switch. On the layer ration they do not really need the oyster shells the first year. After that free choice oyster shells in addition to the layer ration for laying hens. Good luck and congrats on the first egg.

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