oyster shell question


5 Years
May 7, 2014
Tulsa, Oklahoma
So my girls are 19 weeks old. I went ahead and started transitioning them onto layer feed this morning. I keep seeing to wait until they start laying to start them on layer feed and I've seen go ahead and do it now. One of mine seems to be only days away from laying so I went ahead and started it. I will slowly transition them over the next 7 days onto the layer feed off of their grower feed. My bag of grower is almost finished which is why I decided it's probably ok to go ahead and buy the layer feed instead of another bag of chick grower.

Now about the oyster shell. Should I go ahead and start that too? Again I've seen both wait til they lay and I've seen start it now. Should I wait until all 3 are laying?
What ever is easiest. People who have mixed flocks usually have oyster shell out all the time, birds that don't need it don't seem to bother it. Hope those first eggs show up for you soon!
I would continue feeding the starter feed and offer oyster shell free choice.

When out of starter feed and all laying age, then go with layer feed, if you want to.

If they need the extra calcium, they will eat it when offered free choice.

I have a mixed age flock, so never feed layer, but always offer oyster shell.

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