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8 Years
Feb 22, 2011
This morning I had a hen lay a soft egg. I then got some oyster shells for them to eat this morning. Wondering if the oyster shells will be digested fast enough for harder eggs tomorrow or does it take a few days?
Thank you!
I don't know about the experts' knowledge on this, but I have seen that when my chickens receive too many green treats (too many 2 inch grass clippings to eat- they love grass as food), the next day the eggshells aren't as strong.

Greens are supposed to only be maybe 10% of the diet, I have read.

This is what I have observed.
That is interesting, thank you. The lawn was recently mowed and my hens have been going crazy to eat all the clippings.
I give mine clippings each day, because I hand pull them or cut with yard scissors. It helps to keep the feed bill down, and provides them with valuable nutrients (live green food!).

I have noticed that they tend to gorge themselves on it, because of the competition of all 30 of them racing for the greens, and their run is bare dirt now.
someone brought up the idea of vitamin D, and if that would help with the absorption of the calcium from egg shells and help strengthen egg shells (it helps with humans).

i haven't heard if this has been tried, and if it has had a noticeable affect

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