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3, 5, 7 roos...others look like pullets right now.

Chick 3, 7 are light brahmas Sorry, I'm not sure about the rest.
thanks i thought that chicks 4, 5, and 7 were boys because chick 3 has always been kinda rashy red because any bare skin on it is red like on its belly where their are no feathers it is red so I wasnt sure chick 5 has no rashy skin and also has what looks like a pea or rose comb and also chick 4 has a larger comb than chick 9 and its feathers are thinner on its tail but thanks for the input!
Production Red, Production Red, Brahma cross/mutt, probably a Phoenix or similar, Brahma possible mutt, a mutt, probably a Black Australorp or Black Sex Link, possibly another Phoenix - pullet.
WOW!!!! thanks everybody! I did not think that I would end up with ANY pheonixes I really wanted some but I did not think I would end up with any! I really hope they are pheonixes

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