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  1. so austrolorps have white foot pads right? if they do then all the black ones are probobly austrolorps. and is it ok if they have brown and black feathers? the two 6-7 week olds have brown feathers on their chests and some on their wings too.
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    Brown feathers means they're Black Sex-Links.
  3. well one of the 3 is def a roo no doubt and he is one of the ones that has brown feathers
  4. new pics!!!
    [​IMG]good boy only needed one pic!
    [​IMG]good girl too! both same breed
    [​IMG]same breed as above
    [​IMG]meanie! pecks me whenever i try to touch him!
    [​IMG]doesnt like me either but not as mean as the other. same breed as above
    [​IMG]screams at me when i pick him up!
    [​IMG]not sure about her but she likes to be held
    [​IMG]same breed as black boy

    all the black chickens have shiny green/blue feathers and white foot pads. white chickens are both boys. (gonna be cooked later)
    only 2 boys otherwise
  5. anybody? the first 2 roo and pullet both have blue earlobe's very pretty but confusing because they are supposed to be pheonix, the female looks JUST like a silver pheonix, also slate blue legs. the 2 males i plan to keep are both growing sickle feathers on their tails. the only mean one's are the two white males all the rest are nice. annother thing, i know i have very few hens for 2 roo's but 12 eggs are set to hatch on fathers day or around then. any roo's in that hatch will not be staying all hens will though.
  6. PLEASE HELP!!! the eggs were a little slow but one just moved a few min ago but i have to go to bed!
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    My black ones don't have white on their feet. One does have some white on the tips of his wing feathers.

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