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    That is a great page. I have thought about growing the paw paws here but not sure how they would do with the heat and humidity we have. I do grow lots of herbs, bananas, and tropical plants. I am trying to grow more natives especially edibles because they are so much easier to take care of lol. I hate getting everything into the greenhouse during the winter.
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    Thanks, wild paw paw should grow well in your area it is kinda of a cold tolerant plant i ques, however you would need to grow it in non direct light area for at least 1-1/2 to 2 years then go full exposure for faster growth, however getting wild seed is tough, there are other strains out there other than the wild type you could try to. it took me almost 2 years till i met a fella from a hunting web site that had wild seed which came from wild plants he has growing up in northern pa to trade me for wild persimmons. Most wild stuff i grow has to have 80 to 85% shade which i like these wild plants with medicinal values to them. I know the paw paw has some research going on with it and it has something to do with cancer fighting agents i believe..
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