packing peanut ID please

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11 Years
Sep 16, 2008
Levan, UT
10 of these little packing peanuts came from Ideal. We aren't keeping any of them, but want to know how to advertise them. Buff Rocks??? Thanks in advance!!

They would be unknown Buff cockerels.

It could be narrowed down some in a week or two once you can tell what type of comb they have. You can look at the breeds list. Search for breeds with the variety Buff that have clean, yellow shanks. Then cross that list against what Ideal sell and you know what the possibilities are. It could be a golden too, but I don't think that Ideal carries any breeds with that variety. Also it just occurred to me that they could be Sexlink cockerels too depending on what Ideal uses in those crosses.

However, I think that your attempts to find a place for them will be futile. If people wanted them Ideal would sell them instead of using them as packing peanuts.
Thanks, I wondered about that too, they seem to have a dusty reddish color, not yellow like the BOs I've hatched.
yeah, definitely not RIRs, but maybe new hampshires, or another red production bird that's lighter. They are an orangey-ruddy red color, not yellow-yellow like my BOs.

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