Paint & Lighting question :)


9 Years
Feb 22, 2010
Almost done!

Do you paint the inside of your coop? What kind (gloss/exterior/semi-/flat etc)

And what kind of light fixture do you put in your tractor coop?

I considered a "keyless" fixture, like you would find on the ceiling of a garage,
OR a fixture like this...

securing it from the ceiling in a corner and having the cord come out the top under our galvenized roofing, so I can plug it in if I need to/want to.

I need ideas/options/opinions
I would use an exterior paint, maybe even porch paint. Sorry...can't advise w/the light thing, as I don't use a tractor. But the light on your link looked fine to the retractable cord...
I wouldn't paint the inside...just the outside....and for that Lowes has barn paint. Now since you'll be moving the chicken tractor around, your idea is a good one.
If you live somewhere with weather temperature fluxuations (and really, who doesn't??) - I recommend exterior paint. Semi-gloss or Gloss will be easier to clean. Prime first - very important if you want the surface to last.

For lighting, I hardwired an exterior, heavy duty metal fixture (make sure it has a ceramic socket) over the roost and put my ceramic heat bulb in it. In the summer I use a regular light bulb. Nice as it's controlled with a switch at the front door - Super easy for turning on and off.

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