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    Last evening I was priming the coop to be painted, it was getting on in the evening and most of the hens were starting to come back to their yard and go to bed. My SLW was very curious about what I was doing and pecked at the new paint. She then bumped her head into the fresh paint. She had white latex paint on her beak and comb. I was able to get it off of her beak, but really could not get it off her comb. Just now I was out there to collect eggs and noticed that her comb is now a blackish color. The paint is gone. I couldn't tell if it is because other hens pecked at it or if the paint has turned it black. I feel so bad, I should have waiting to paint the coop until they were all in bed, but then it is dark and I don't have lights down there. Any ideas or suggestions, she doesn't seem to be in pain, she is running around chasing grasshoppers and scratching in the dirt as usual.
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    Latex paint needs something oily to remove it. You could try a few things. You can use Olive oil with some salt in it and scrub it until it comes of. Any veggie oil would probably work. You could also appy some mayo on the comb and let it sit for 5 or so minutes to loosen it up. Then rub the paint off with your fingers. Good luck! [​IMG]

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