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8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
Victoria tx
Yesterday I started painting again it's been 15 years since I have done it. I learned from my grandma I do miss her so I pulled out her easel and paints and painted this it's a mix of wet on wet and dry on dry acrylics

That's great for not having drawn in that long period of time!

I haven't drawn much the past year and just started some stuff's hard to get back into it lol.
Very nice for not painting for so long! I took up painting a little over 4 years ago now (no lessons, just figuring it out as I go) I don't know how people can finish a painting in one day... no matter what the heck I'm working on it seems to take me forever, with the exception of some watercolors. Generally I work in oils so I have to have 3 or more going so I don't go crazy waiting for them to dry enough to continue on! I have 5 going at the moment and wonder if I'll ever finish any of them!

This one I just shipped to my daughter for her birthday, it's of her twins... just a little 12"x12". I'm thinking once we get moved and settled I'll take a class so I don't struggle so much. I can't draw for nothin', so maybe a drawing class!

All this great work! I know what you mean about not painting in a long time and you kinda have to teach yourself all over how to mix color etc. I have yet to get out the oil paints in about 10 years I think. @dkvart1 it does not appear your work suffers from your lack of drawing skill (so you say) no need for detail just shapes to block it in. Both of these paintings are very nice. Again, I dont do oil I do landscapes so you cant tell if I mess it up! Ill post a photo later.
My DH found an old photo he loved and asked me to paint, he grew up in Chicago and knows this street well... been working on it as I find time for the past 3 or 4 months. Now trying to finish it before we move in 5 weeks as I know he'd love to see it hanging in the new house! The car on the right is not great, but he wanted it to look a little funky... guess he'll get his wish! LOL

Boy do I miss painting. While I still paint untouched ceramics it has been about 20 years since I painted anything else. Hubby bought me an entire set though, about time I tried them out. Such beautiful work you've all done!
What wonderful paintings!

I haven't painted in quite awhile. I think the last time I ever started one is back in highschool! Can't remember if I ever actually finished any! LOL

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