Pair of Mating Black East Indie Ducks!! Holderread show quality!


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
Portland, OR
I am going to be forced out of my home, and can no longer continue to care for these little cuties.. I have grown very attached to them, but apartment life holds no place for ducks, so i am therefore forced to re-home them. I purchased these from Dave Holderread himself (story can be read here: and i can assure you they are of excellent quality.. I paid $150 for the pair, and i think its also fair to mention that he is sold out of this quality ($75 each range) Black East Indies for this year already! They have excellent coloration's, are very pure in form and stature, and have the potential to breed show winning birds. They have a calm disposition, not incredibly loud, and are all around great birds. I would love to keep them, but i have NO place for them where i am moving to. Get a steal of a deal on some HIGH quality Black East Indies!

I live in Portland, OR, and would prefer local pickup, however i could deliver or meet someone within a REASONABLE distance from me, or mail at your expense. Please PM me with any questions regarding these birds, i would be more than happy to answer them,


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