Pair of Roman Tufted Geese

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    Apr 18, 2010
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    Circumstances are forcing me to rehome some of my birds and Ive decided that the geese will be the first to go. I have one pair of Roman tufteds. I bought them from a feedstore last spring that got them from Metzers. They are approx. 9 months old.
    They are a bonded pair and must go together.
    $50 for the Pair.
    I also have a single MALE Pilgrim gander. He is 1 year old.
    $25 for the Pilgrim.
    All 3 have been raised together and get along great. They have been in with chickens and call ducks and are pretty easy going. They are getting a bit crankier now that breeding season is approaching, but are otherwise pretty gentle.
    Located in Yelm, WA. Local pick up only. Cash only. PLEASE bring a humane form of transportation.

    The female has begun laying and has laid 12 eggs so far..
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