Pakistan, lets get together!


8 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Hello everyone! I am new here. This is such a great forum with loads of great info. All u need to know abour raising chickens in one neat little package! Super helpful people:)

Anyone from Pakistan? Please let me know.
Well. My chicken hatched back in june 2016. Total 8 Chicks. I took a lot of care of the family. I live in a good neighborhood with a lot of cats but one thing i noticed was they never attacked any chickens. I had total 8, 9 chickens back then but then one day a badass cat arrived. He ate one after another and in 2 months my herd shrank to 3. I did whatever i could. I spent a lot of hours on them. I even sat with them most of time for keeping them safe but a little eye close and the badass cat would sweep in and take one right in front of me. I became disappointed. Now I don't give much attention to it although I want to keep alot of good beautiful chickens. Here is a picture of my herd before that badass cat killed them one by one.....

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