Pale comb, face, wattle; not laying


Mar 16, 2020
Spooner, WI
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My Coop
My Easter Egger is just over a year old and has not laid in 4 months. She eats, drinks, acts normal. Poop is normal. Whole flock gets layer feed + free choice grit and oyster shell. She is in the middle of the pecking order. She has a pale comb, wattle and face. Any thoughts on what’s going on? Can’t believe her laying days are over …


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If she's not laid in 4 months, then her laying days may be over. Hard to know.
Depends on how you manage your flock - if birds are for production, then culling non-productive birds is the best method to follow.

If they are pets, then just check her over to make sure she has no lice/mites, that her crop is emptying. Consider getting a fecal float to see if worms may be affecting her.
If she's active/eating/drinking, then enjoy her and see how it all plays out.

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