pale comb, slow moving layer


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
I have 6 dominecker layers, age 10 months. 5 months ago, one of them suffered a broken wing when a snake got into the coop. I separated her, put her in a big cage on my back porch. I bound her wing, she responded nicely and became a very sweet girl. After 4 weeks, I tried to introduce her back into the group and she was attacked. We built a coop attatched to the bigger coop. We made the mistake of putting a game hen who was sitting on fertilized eggs in with her. The game chicken beat her up and plucked her feathers but she recovered from that. But now her comb, which should be bright red, is yellow, she is moving slow and has very slow breathing. I can't find anything visible to the eye but I swear she is lonely. She scratches a little, eats very little. She has never laid an egg but I put that down to the traumas she has had. Any ideas?
Chickens do get depressed when they don't have company. She could be lonely or maybe she could have worms/mites? I'm not really sure but maybe you could find a docile hen to move in with her and see if it makes a difference.
What food do you feed?

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