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Jul 27, 2020
Southeast US
One of my BR pullets has a had a pale comb for several days. She has no obvious symptoms and seems to be laying. I’m just worried because this isn’t normal for her.
Pale combs can be a sign of not laying eggs, and can be common during the winter when daylight is less. It also can happen during molting, when they are also not laying. It is good to look for mites on the skin which can cause anemia. The common chicken mite only comes on them at night, while the red mite is on them day and night, so look her over at night. Is she eating and drinking well?
She is laying. As far as I know she is eating and drinking well she doesn’t same to have lost any weight. And no I don’t think she’s molting. She’s only 9 months and the others all look normal.

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