Pale little molting hen....


May 8, 2019
Palmetto, Florida
My Coop
My Coop
My cream legbar is about 40 weeks old. Stopped laying at 30 weeks when she began to molt. Not a bad molt no bare spots but lots of feathers in the run and lost most of her long tail feathers. The only thing that concerns me is her comb has shrunk & shriveled and her little face is pale. I read this could be normal during a molt. She's perfectly healthy, activity is normal, poops are healthy. I upped her protein feed to 18%. And I don't give my girls a lot of snacks or table scraps. I did buy a high protein treat for molting chickens, but I keep it well under 10% of their diet.
Attached are a few photos, I welcome any advice or opinions on her pale little face. Is there something else I should be doing for her? Thank you!
I have a couple girls going through a partial molt, and their faces have a similar paleness to them, along with the shrunken comb.

Mine are Michigan chickens, though; we all get pale this time of year! :)

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