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    [​IMG] , [​IMG] , it's all I want to do is cry...for some dumb reason beyond my control I started to have terrible panics attacks just out of the blue around last July. I couldn't sleep, stop crying, or stop worrying about everything..just all of a sudden. Never in my life have a experienced a sense of being scared (over nothing) I literally felt like I had lost a loved one, and was scared to be alone, I lost 15 lbs in a week and a half, I literally hated to eat [​IMG]. Anyway doc said it's okay, you are doing too much..slow down, let others help you, you cannot do everything yourself [​IMG]. So she gave me some meds, with a couple of weeks of rest and lots of love & prayers from DH, DS, church, and family ( my DH and DS take great care of me and will drop everything just to hold me when I cry [​IMG] I am very blessed to have them ) I was better and quit taking my meds after about three months. Ever now and then I get the blues nothing out of the ordinary we all do sometimes. I'm usually on the go, lots to do, yes I can lend a hand, have this, have that to do, and taking care of the house and family ect. I know exactly what to do, I'm usually the one lending a hand helping others, sending up prayers, telling others to lean on the Lord and trust in Him everything WILL be okay, It is just a trying time things will get better. So panic attacks throw me for a loop bad, I am currently begining to have them again..[​IMG] grant it they are not as bad I guess because I know what to expect but my brain gets so boggled I wonder if I'm doing everything right (yes..I tend to be a perfectionist [​IMG] ) I hate it so bad, I feel like such a burden to my family over these dumb things. I have full faith in the Lord and my DH tells me He's still workin' on me, and He is just letting me know to slow down and not do so much, that He of course is in control, I know God is in control and He is with me, under my normal self I don't worry much at all, I know I have no control over any outcome, I give it to God. But when I hear of things such as the swine flu or something going around I do worry .. I try to do everything possible to protect my family...I feel very overwhelmed and confused, the thought of making a decision makes my stomach turn and I get scared ( I usually have no problem making decisions). I will probably sell my flock and not put out a bigger garden as I wanted to, I don't want to....but I feel like I need to lessen my load. [​IMG] will y'all please say a prayer for me...and for my cousins 13 yo DS she is waiting on test results of his lympthnodes, and even though I may sell my flock I am still visiting you great folks here. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Apr 8, 2009
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    [​IMG] I've had panic attacks most of my life and they are no fun especially in front of others, being OCD doesn't help either. It sounds like we have a lot in common. Find yourself a nice quiet place you can call you safe haven and go there when the stress starts building. I have two, one physical, one mental.
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    Praying for you, I know how you feel! I started a coarse call attackign anxiety and depression this week. I f it helps me I will let you know. So far it seem pretty good.
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    First of all, you are right. God is in control. You must also remember He will not put any more on you than you can bear. Understand that we are put through things for a purpose. This is God's way of equipping us for what is to come.

    Just out of curiosity, have you tried to go back to the meds? The reason I ask is because these attacks may be due to an imbalance which was fixed with the meds. What you described is the same stuff my DW was going through. It wasn't until she got some meds that it got straight.

    Sent one up for ya and will put you on my prayer list.
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    Oct 24, 2008
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    Just out of curiosity, have you tried to go back to the meds?

    Yes, I have started back on my meds, doc said no chemical imbalances, just stress etc. I told her I am always usually busy, I don't have a lot of time to worry to much. She said exactly....[​IMG]. I don't like taking meds of any kind, I don't want to be dependant on them, I just want to function normally on my own [​IMG]. I am on a low dose (10 mg of Lexapro) I start out on half that. My DH's aunt starting having attacks after her battle with breast cancer and only takes half of her meds on a normal basis , but she will take the full dose when she knows she will be under more stress, for example she is the bible school director at church so she takes a full dose the week of bible school and around holidays etc. I may have to do the same [​IMG].​
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    [​IMG] sweetie... oh honey, I so understand. Mine started out of the blue one day and they do get terrifying dont they? Thankfully I dont get them often, but when I do....gosh it sure does feel like I'm going to die that moment.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers my sweet.
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    Feb 25, 2007
    [​IMG] and prayers
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    I've just started having serious anxiety issues, as well. I've had 2 "episodes" as the doctors are calling them. My blood pressure goes through the roof, high heart rate, shortness of breath, and I feel no anxiety at the time. Just kind of a "What the heck is going on?" type feeling.
    I've spent 6 days in the hospital over them. All cardiac testing is perfect, blood counts are good, stress test, heart cath, Holter monitor, the heart is fine. So, the doctors are attributing it to "subconscious" anxiety.
    I am a very busy person as well. I work full time, have 2 kiddos, 1 of which has a serious heart defect, a lot of stuff I do, a lot of land to take care of, etc.. I don't give myself much time for stress or worry, so I'm internalizing it, I guess.
    My doctor prescribed me an "as needed" anxiety pill called Buspar. It's non-narcotic, so there's no risk of dependency, and it's not a big enough dose to make me sleepy or groggy, but it certainly gets my anxiety episodes under control.
    I hope you get through this. It is a frustrating and frightening thing to go through.
    I'll say a prayer for you.

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    [​IMG] and prayers!

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