paper thin eggs


Sep 3, 2019
new very to raising chickens, We have been finding eggs below roosting area very paper thin every morning. This has been happening last few weeks at least two eggs a day. Some were being eaten so i put a rack under roosting area so eggs would fall thru and ladies would not eat them. I feed Purina laying pellets and they have oyster shells available and get fresh vegi's out of garden. Also as treats a few times a week dried meal worms for protein. My 7 girls are 5 mos old I am only getting two eggs a day. Just a note they have a complete enclosed huge outdoor area so they can run, fly and play lots of fun. There is no stress in or out of coop or run area. What is happening and am I doing something wrong.
Is it hot where you live?

If it’s too hot (we often have 100+ degrees Fahrenheit in the summer) their eggs will sometimes be paper thing shelled.

Also, if not provided with enough grit and/or calcium their eggs tend to end up like that.
It's most likely a lack of calcium. Often times hens refuse to eat the OS, so the eggs wind up soft. I also have a few hens that occasionally lay more than one egg a day, and the next days they always drop thin-shelled eggs from the roost (I assume there wasn't enough calcium in their system). Either way, it calcium has always worked IME.
Might be the heat along with new layers. My hens are on strike in the heat - sometimes only get one egg a day. They have oyster shell and grit available. Their eggs are also paper thin shelled. I am going to incorporate some Egg Layer supplement in their diet to see if that helps. They usually get SeaBuck 7 during the winter, but since the weather is so hot, maybe they need a little extra help
My birds are molting now so I have had a decline in the egg production. I do give my birds higher protein feed because the new feathers are mostly protein.

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