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Jul 21, 2016
Wanamaker, Indiana
So I have a mixed flock of 24 (RIRs, Ameracaunas, Speckled Sussex, WLH, BJG, ISABs and Columbian Rocks)we got as day old chicks back in March and they started laying a few weeks ago (well, at least 6 of them are). Hard to tell for sure which of the girls are laying the six beautiful eggs everyday, but today one of the light tan ones was paper-thin. They're being fed layer pellets and provided crushed oyster shell. Is it that they're just new layers? The egg was a decent size, and I know the BJGs are starting to let our roo cover them. Or are they filling up on grass/bugs/treats? They are kind of "free range" since our chicken run is probably more like a 1/4 acre with a tall fence. Thanks!


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Jun 18, 2010
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It's probably New Layer Syndrome

Pretty much all you can do is keep an eye out and see if it continues. If so, you may want to try to ID which hen it is and cull her. In all likelihood, though, it's a one-off and will work itself out over the next few weeks.

That said, I did have red sex links a few years ago that had thin shells after their first laying season. First season they were fine, after that first molt the shells were thin and brittle no matter what I fed them.

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