paranoia kicking in...


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Ok, yes, I may be paranoid after losing the other chicks... but my little chick, Socks (bc of her feathered feat) has a large lump on the right side of her chest. It is kinda of squishy. About the size of a quarter. She doesn't have any problems eating or drinking. Suggestions?
Oh juuust a little paranoid.

That's the crop, where they first start digesting food. There are juices in there that start breaking stuff down. No worries, be happy!
You can take their food away for the night and check her first thing in the morning. It should be significantly smaller. This brings back little chick memories. Kind of like how a baby smells, you don't forget that pine shavings and red light kind of feeling. I think she'll be fine!
Some chicks are just bigger piggies than others. I remember thinking a chick had a neck tumor and being ressured by a BYC member. She told me, "If it's still there in the morning, then come back here, but I bet it's just a full crop."

She was right. I bet we are, too.

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