Parrot sitting - have some questions

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    Jul 5, 2011
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    No, I don't know the breed. She's about a foot tall, plus tail, and her mom said she's 35 years old.

    I took over sitting from someone else and a few details didn't get passed along, like, how warm she likes it.

    Yesterday I left the house temp at 65. Came in this morning and I though she looked fluffed and unhappy. She fanned her tail at me and wouldn't talk (although I did get "good girl!" when I filled her food dish). She has no heat lamp, so I bumped the house temp up to 70 and hung out for a while. She looked less unhappy when I left.

    Of course I have no idea if she was cold, unhappy with me, unhappy with being left with a barking dog all night (although she usually is), or mad at her mom for ditching her. I tried to bribe her with a peanut and she grabbed it and flung it to the floor.

    So anyway, does 70 seem like a reasonable choice? Do I need to worry about the fluffing? Anything to watch for in a parrot?
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    She might have been a bit chilly - but not horribly. From my own experiences with rescue parrots, she's VERY mad at her Mom (i.e. flock) for leaving her behind. No, she'll not likely warm up to you very much.

    Continue to be upbeat, happy, loving, caring and kind to her and she might not scream at you too loudly. Treats are wonderful - and if you share WITH her - sitting next to her cage and you take a bite, offer some to her, take another bite, offer another bite, etc. - she might come around a bit more. What kinds of treats? Whatever Mom left for her. Depending on her favorites, she could have a few cooked noodles (any shape), some fresh veggies (mini-carrots or carrot wheels are great for parrots to chew and not too messy), a section of orange (although mine prefers clemintines this time of year)....and of course nuts.

    Good luck!
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    Jul 5, 2011
    A ferry ride away, WA
    Thanks for the reply. I feel a little less like I'm failing as a parrot caretaker now. :)

    We sang "Summertime" together and she did yodel once for me (her mom's a singer). Apparently if I get wolf-whistled at, or told I'm a pretty girl, then I'm in. Pretty fun how she's aware of what her mimics mean.
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    How long will you be sitting her for??
    I remember when we aquired an older Goffin who was a plucker.
    She was settled into our house w her old mom still there talking w us and all that.
    I went in to see her, talked to her a bit and did a few playful things while the goofie watched me.
    Then I rested my arm on the edge of her big cage and her old mom and me chatted some.
    Next thing I knew the goof had sidled up to me in a sneaky quiet walk (which I saw but pretended I didn't) and caressed me w her beak, like a pet almost. Her old mum got choked up and looked at me and said she'd be just fine here.

    and she was, for many years.
    My bet is same as the other answers, she's more ticked at her old mum than you.
    So make her 'stay' fun and she'll come round to enjoying your house too.
    They really are like toddlers and can be really....well....challenging.

    Enjoy your time w her and keep us updated!
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    Oct 6, 2011
    Parrots need to be warmer than the 60's - I keep mine at a temp of 72 (where I like it ) and they have heated perches because even that isn't warm enough. Mine like it at a minimum of 76! If she gets chilled, she will get ill. If they are too cold, they won't eat or drink either. Keep her out of the way of vents so there isn't any air blowing on her and keep fresh veggies in her cage (this will keep her entertained) like bell peppers (cut in half with seeds), kale, bits of carrot, the occasional almond, pistachio or peanut (unsalted) and sometimes a little tiny bit of peanut butter smeared on her dish - she will start coming around.

    My guys get mad and won't talk, won't come out - and will give the evil eye to anyone who comes near them if they are left alone with a caretaker for too long. Get her warmed up - and definitely try a pea sized amount of peanut butter on a spoon. See if that gives her a mental boost.

    Do you have a pic? Would love to see her!

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