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Dec 5, 2020
Last year I had to go to my grandparents.
So I left my hen ( she was my pet ) to my maternal aunt's .
They raise dual purpose chickens for meat
They asked whether she lays or not ( I said 3/4 per week )
I left her there with 2kg layer feed for 3 weeks
When I returned I saw she was free ranging with their chickens
I thought she was doing great
After 30-40 minutes of chatting with my uncle and aunt
Chickens returned for roost
I saw her ( She has only bones left 😱 )
All chickens were eating chicken feed in their closed compartment
Only my hen was left outside eating from dog plate 😫😫 ( It wasnt dog food it was rice in muddy water )
I picked her up immediately and headed to
my house and feed her layer feed
I regretted my decision leaving her there

Has anyone experienced this or I am the only one
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I dont think they fed her the feed I gave them 🙄
They didnt give back feed instead they compalint me about the hen laying only 6 eggs in 3 weeks

I gave them 3lbs layer feed and a healthy hen
What did I get
A skinny hen ( looking like molting in summer )

I cant trust them now
May be you can trust your neighbours or relatives
What a horrible experience for you and your girl! I'm glad you were able to rescue her from that situation, and I hope she --and you -- are doing well. I am always reluctant to leave someone else in charge of my birds. But, fortunately, none of the episodes has turned out as badly as yours.

Some people only see chickens' value in the eggs they produce or the meat they provide. I don't know that they are intentionally cruel. I like to think they just don't realize that not everyone sees the world from the same perspective. Your hen is a pet, not an egg factory.

I'm glad you have joined BYC where helpful and caring people will take an interest in you and your sweet hen. Best wishes for getting her back to normal.
Thanks for your concerns and love to my hen.
But she passed away 2 months ago due to unknown reason
She was 4 yrs old and had 2 biological chicks
One chick died earlier after 2 weeks she died and next day other chick died

And Again
Thanks a lot for your concern and love

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