Partridge Cochin Chick? Updated - 6 week old pic


7 Years
May 21, 2012
Northern Kentucky
This chick (the dark one not the roo red star) was my free exotic chick from my last Murray McMurray Hatchery order. It's DEFINITELY a feathered footed. I was thinking maybe a Partridge Cochin Bantam? he/she is very skittish so I apologize for the lack of a decent picture, but this one does show his wings, coloring and legs nicely.
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Looks just like my partridge cochin. Mine is not a bantam though. If you look at my pictures in my profile, I have one dated May 14, 2012. She is 2 weeks old in the picture. Unfortunately, I think "she" is a "he.". We may have to change her name from Princess Jasmine to Aladdin! Actually, I'm going to need to find it a new home if it starts crowing :(
Updated picture... I'm no longer thinking bantam because he's rather big and his legs are SUPER long...

Anybody venture to guess what breed he is?

I think he might be part ostrich.... look at those legs!!!!
And man is he FAST!

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