Partridge Rocks - - - anybody hatching some near FLORIDA ? ?

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math ace

10 Years
Dec 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
I am considering adding some Patridge Rocks to my flock. Does anyone know anybody NEAR FLORIDA who has hatched this breed?
I won't need them until this summer, but I trying to locate some sources.
I have Partridge rocks, I've never hatched any out though. Just bought an incubator today and I'm planning on putting some eggs in it tomorrow. You are the first person I have seen on her that has partridge rocks.

Even though I'm not real close to Florida, I was just happy to see someone else with partridge rocks. Do you have some now?

Sorry I just read your post again and realized you don't have partridge rocks now. I have 5 hens and a rooster. They are great layers! My rooster doesn't like me at all but loves my husband. He is only mean to me, my dad, and a friend of mine but I think it has something to do with our red hair because he never bothers anyone else!!
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Good to hear that you like them. I think they will be a good fit with my current flock, so I am looking for some breeders close to me.
I try not to buy chicks that I have to be shipped in. I like to get mine when they are a week or two old.
I would rather drive a 50 to 150 miles and pick them up than have to ship the little babies.

Plus, there is something to be said about getting to see the parents either in person or via photos.

I hope there are more people out there with some partridge rocks. I hope they are close to me.

Looking for some partridge rock owners in Florida or Georgia.
I had two Partridge Rocks a couple of years ago that I ordered from Ideal Poultry. I haven't seen too many people on here with Partridge Rocks.
So the request still goes out to the BYC community - - -

Anybody near north florida hatching some Partridge Rocks.

Everybody says - I have one or two of them and they are great.

Lemurchaser - which hatchery did you order yours from?
I am jealous. I've asked two of our local feed stores if they would order some chicks for me when they placed their next order - NO WAY !

Oh well, I am sure I well find somebody with extras or hatching out some.

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