Passing crop stones?

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    Oct 22, 2013
    One of my four-week-old chicks escaped the pen yesterday on the same morning that my husband allowed the cat to escape [​IMG]

    She had a number of injuries and abrasions as though being caught between two paws. I've been treating her with iodine and electrolyte & B-vitamins and she was perky yesterday, eating and drinking, but today has gone downhill. This morning I noticed a small puncture wound in the chest area that I didn't see at the time. Our local vet is very busy but they've fitted me in this afternoon for an antibiotic shot - if she makes it that far. Unfortunately we can't buy our own penicillin here.

    For now I've brought her mum inside and am keeping them together in a cage with a fine mesh top to prevent fly strike. I think she does have an infection as she feels warm. Her crop is also feeling larger and mushy - I'm not sure if this is related to the small puncture wound or not - I would have thought if it had actually gone through and into the crop she wouldn't have been eating and drinking.

    In her stool are a number of small dark stones which I assume are from the crop. What would cause a bird to pass stones in a large number? A crop infection? I realise her prognosis doesn't look too good [​IMG]

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