Pasturize or Not? Does it affect recipes?

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    Apr 15, 2008
    I'm a *Happy New* Owner of a Dairy Goat, currently in milk. [​IMG] And while my family grew up on fresh cow's milk from the neighboring dairy farm... I realize we (who were over 2yrs old) were able to drink fresh UNpasteurized milk safely due to all the health regulations the owning farmer had to do. Health checks, shots, testing, etc. for his animals. Now I Happily own a Dairy Goat, but from my Very Informational book "Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats by Jerry Belanger" (recommended by Miss Prissy herself [​IMG] ).... it talks about how there are the risk of things more serious that you could catch possibly from UNpasteurized milk: tuberculosis & undulant, or Malta.

    & so I'm wondering what you all do with your Raw Fresh Goat Milk? Pasteurized or Not?

    Does Pasteurizing affect the milk at all?..........meaning it'll still be able to be used for homemade Yogurt Buttermilk & all kinds of cheese making after being pasteurized?

    & 'When' do you pasteurize? Meaning do I have to take the milk as soon as I bring it inside do I have to do the Pasteurize heating right then? Or can I freeze it (to cool it for awhile) then frig it & just Pasteurize it later & recool it in freezer/frig like I do originally?

    This book says Pasteurizing is heating the milk to 165degrees for 15 seconds. Is it best to that in a double boiler? as to not scorch the milk.

    Asking this question in this post due to it being a 'raw milk' drinking question. [​IMG] & if there's testing to the animal done to insure it is free of anything transmitted thru the long does that last? Meaning as soon as you were to get a new kid or goat you could expose your Doe to these milk transmitted diseases again, then so a new round of testing would need to be done to your whole heard again right? Or do I assume she was safely tested once so the milk should remain healthy.

    Sorry, new & I Soooo many questions... & there are Soooo many recipes here. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I can't answer all your questions, but I'll try to hit a couple.

    You CAN make cultured products from pasteurized milk. We get cow's milk from a family farm already pasteurized. It's the culture that cannot be killed by excessive heat, not the milk.

    I can't see why you couldn't chill the milk to stop any bacterial growth, then pasteurized later. Of course, chilling instead of freezing might simply slow growth... but if you plan to pasteurized anyway.

    Good luck!
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    Why don't you talk to your county extension agent? I found that mine knew who sold goat milk in my area and has a fount of information. m&thegals, I am not questioning you at all so please don't take it personally, but the county extension agent is a professional with contacts to other professionals. I'd trust them before anyone else I read on the internet.

    Also, here is a cheese forum. You might get some help or recipes off this for cheesemaking.

    Good luck!

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