Patching a galvanized waterer hole


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Any ideas on how to patch a small hole in bottom of galvanized waterer ?

I would hate to throw it out if it can be patched. The hole is no bigger than 1/4" on the bottom.

Get a bolt, nut, 2 metal washers, 2 rubber washers. Put a metal washer and a rubber washer on the bolt insert through the hole put a rubber washer and a metal washer and the nut on the other end and tighten.
Go to auto zone and get a stick of what is called
magnum steel. It is a 2 part epoxy type stick. You cut
off a little slice and mix it together with your fingers
and mash it over the hole. All the way through the
hole if possible and smooth it on both sides. Doesn't take long
and it is about as hard as steel. After 24 hours you can even drill, tap, or sand it.
I have used it on anything from water leaks to gasoline leaks.
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I have a galvanized waterer that has rusted out on the bottom. It's not that bad, but it won't hold water. The rest of it's in good shape, so I hate to get rid of it. How should I fix it? The "magnum steel" sounds like it could work, but I wouldn't want anything toxic in their drinking water... Do you think it's at all toxic? I've never heard of it before. Any other ideas?
whatever you use, make sure that you drill and/or sand back into bright metal (no rust left to keep decaying within your patch), but do not sand any larger an area than you will be patching b/c it will remove the galvanization and start to rust there.

Whatever you do, it is unlikely to last very long, so it would be a good idea to keep an eye out on sales

Good luck, have fun,

Marine epoxi. Get it at Wally World for a couple of bucks. It's in Sporting goods around the boat stuff and in hardware around the toliet stuff.

pinch off a piece, kneed it until it turns from white to grey. Squish it into and around the hole. If you can mash it flat from the inside. You can use it right away. It's actually made to be used as a instant seal on below the waterline hole in boats. Works great!!
Set the whole thing in a shallow metal or rubber pan/bowl. I used one till the bottom was almost completely gone. This works best outside, you have to fill with a bucket, filling with a hose takes too long, too much runs out.

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