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I've been playing with the chicken calculator so helpfully posted by someone earlier. Now I'm confused on the kazillion patterns colors can take.

I got sebright down. I know what lacing and barring are.

What are these-

What are the other pattern options out there?
Spangling on a Spangled Hamburg:

Notice the black dot on the end of the feathers?? Spangling.

I'm not sure what you mean by "quilted"??? Maybe Partridge is what you're talking about?


Silver Pencilled:

There's another I was thinking of...what was it...oh! Mottled!


And one more off the top of my head is Mille Fleur:

The Mille Fleur is usually seen on D'Uccle and other booted breeds but is being developed in other breeds. I'm sure there are others but these are just off the top of my head.
That silver pencilled is gorgeous! How pretty!

I have a mille fleur d'uccle cockeral and pullet. I think they are so pretty!

I saw the quilted term used on a chicken genetics calculator. I recognized most of the patterns, but couldn't figure out the quilted. It looks kind of like the pencilling.

What breed is the silver pencilled hen? It looks vaguely like a wyandotte to my untutored eyes.

posted this link in the genetics forum a week or so back. I am completely addicted to it now! You can put in the roo color and pattern and then the hen color and pattern and then see what you'll get. You can then click on one of the offspring and breed it back to that roo or another to see what you'll get second generation. It's completely fun! It also has a lot of technical information for those that are really into genetics and understand all of the ins and outs. I don't so much. I pretty much am using it for a genetics game.
(As my girls are refusing to ever lay eggs, this is a purely theoretical exercise for me...)

Be warned though that if you have the least little interest in genetics you will be stuck on this website for a while! Enjoy!
You are very welcome, Hangin! I wish I could remember who posted it initially so he/she could get credit for it.

mikarod- are those wyandottes yours? They are stunning! Are they a mix of wyandotte and something or just pencilled wyandottes? Absolutely gorgeous! If they are yours, do you sell fertilized eggs? I am in love!
hahaha! Nope! Sorry! Never developed a liking for Wyandottes. Not sure why? Never got bit by "the bug."

To stick with a've got to...I don't know...develop a "bug" that makes you WANT to breed them. It's hard to explain. Something about the specific breed that just JUMPS out at you.

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