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Someone passed this on to me, right after I noticed paypal taking fees out of my transactions for what looked like no apparent reason. Anyone else having this problem?

This applies to Paypal Personal Accounts, or accounts that typically can receive only funds from bank drafts.

Wanted to give a heads up here, especially for people donating items, collecting only shipping. Previously Paypal would give the Personal Account receiver of funds a choice whether to accept or reject a payment that was sent using a credit card, they no longer are doing this, instead the funds are being automatically deducted from the monies received. Also there is a new box when sending funds designating either PURCHASE or PERSONAL. If the sender designates PURCHASE this also will automatically incur fees to the receiver of funds.

After a long pleasant conversation with Paypal customer service it was recommended that when sending funds to a Personal Account :
1) to use only bank drafts or Paypal balances to pay
2) to click the box Personal and then put the check mark in the "other" column for shipping reimbursement.

If you receive funds and fees have been applied to the amount received, REFUND the amount that was sent back to the SENDER and specifically and kindly request that the sender of funds follow #1 & 2 above.

Hope this helps>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
My Paypal account is only set up with my credit card. I'm still paranoid about giving ANYONE my bank account number.... even though they ask me to do it every time I log on.
They are charging higher fees for personal accounts and making it almost impossible to remain personal. I am sure that is their intent. If I have to pay these fees, I will have to raise my prices. I just swallowed the last two I received but made no money at all on the eggs, because that was the profit. It stinks!

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