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  1. chicknmania

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    Jan 26, 2007
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    Boy, I'm going to sound dumb on this one, but does anyone have plans for a pcvp pipe chicken tractor. The pipe part, I'm guessing, would be the easy part, but what type of netting would you use, where do you get it, and how would you build a gate or a door into it? And, is it expensive? We are not real skilled at this. We want a big one; 12X6 or so. I couldn't find anything when I searched.
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    lol, my husband is a plumber/gasfitter, and if he had his way the whole world would be made of pvc! Considering some of his projects, I would honestly say yes, it can be done, and cheaply, too. The only concern would be predators, even in my back yard in the middle of town, I get other people's dogs and cats causing problems.

    We made our tractor out of salvaged 2x4s and cut them down to 2x2s, made a frame with a small door. Our tractor is only 4' x 2' though, using regular chicken wire and a contruction stapler to fix it to the frame. Where I live we ended up spending about $5. New pvc, plus some sort of anchoring device and netting/wire would probably run you more.

    Hope this helps,

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    You could try a version of this:

    PVC Poultry Pen

    I'm actually considering using a modified version of the Greenhouse Plans on that same site to build a second coop in my yard, just using wire and shadecloth instead of plastic to cover the frame.
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    Jan 26, 2007
    central Ohio
    Thank you! At least we can get some ideas from those suggestions. My son tried to make a tractor last spring using 2X4's, but it was so heavy we couldn't move it around very easily and it fell apart. (He's not the greatest carpenter...neither is my DH, unfortunately.) That's why I thought of the pipe. Not so much concerned about predators, as the wind blowing it, so, yeah, it would need weights...they would only stay in it during the day and it would only be for our chickens who can't, for whatever reason, mingle with the free ranging flock. They would go inside at night to a regular pen.
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    Quote:a) use 2x2's (preferably ripped from 2x4's, as most lumberyards only have two grades of 2x2, 'too expensive' and 'too crappy'. This willabout halve the weight right there.

    b) use screws (not nails) and metal or wood braces to dstrengthen it,


    c) put lawnmower wheels (cheap even if bought new) onto an appropriate size bolt as axles so you wheel, not lift, the tractor.

    If you ever want to try a wooden one again that is [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the info, Pat! [​IMG]
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    Sorry, this is really late. (year+) but I was searching for PVC plans and came across your post.

    I found this guys PVC tractor, and thought it's one of the best I've seen.



    But, he uses them for meat birds. Trying to figure out how to a) keep my hens in something like that and b) how to keep them warm in the winter....

    Good luck!

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