PDZ coop refresher

Liz Birdlover

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5 Years
Jan 6, 2018
Delaware, USA
Can I get your feedback?
I've heard this is good to sprinkle with the wood chips, keeps coop dry. I was told that either product can be used for chickens, goats, horses, etc. Has anyone used PDZ?
Not sure why such a price difference if it's the same stuff inside the bag.
As much as chickens peck & eat whatever they find, I would start with small amount, I just don't want my birds to be harmed.


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I use it on the poop boards in the coop, as do many BYC'ers. I use a cat litter scoop to remove poop from the PDZ. I put it on up to an inch thick, not mixed with bedding, the chickens don't eat it.
Yeah they charge more for the chicken version than the horse version, but it's the same product.
Ive used it for past several years to help keep coop dry during cold wet winter periods. Works great! My chickens dont eat it, but pretty positive it wouldnt harm them if they did ingest some. Yes i agree buy the horse version in 25# bag; much cheaper. (I recently found 40# bag at my local feedstore for $13; only a little more expensive than tractor supply 25#bag.

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