Pea shingle?


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Nov 30, 2020
Back when I was sane and didn't have three little tramplers, I had visions of a 6" wide trench between patio edge and sleepers filled with carpet thyme [which very quickly got torn out].

So I am considering topping the soil level up with a couple of inches of 20mm pea shingle and putting rosemary, thyme, salvia and other stuff they're not keen on in there and try to direct their tramplage up and down a new step.

Surely 20mm pebbles will do the job? I'll give the plants a few months to establish with a chicken wire tunnel and try to train them to use the step.
It's about 9" deep and they absolutely love it. I can save a bit round the corner for them to wreck but it would be nice to at least do something with this.


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