Peachick Color?


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Feb 25, 2012
Flat Creek, TN
This peachick (in front) hatched from an egg I received on ebay. It has a red tint. The seller has lots of colors and has not been real helpful identifying this color. Any ideas?
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It is cute that's for sure! I remember reading somewhere that purple peachicks have a reddish tint. Honestly I have no clue. What other colors did you end up with?
Well maybe it is purple....I texted the seller this pic and they texted back that it was a jade purple. I thought they were pulling my leg...and they could be here on this forum so I apologize for not believing them! LOL. What is a jade purple?
I also got a black shoulder (possibly do you know if a white chick is pied?) and an IB.
Jade purple? How can it be two colors?

Why don't you just post more pictures of the peachicks you want identified. A white peachick will be yellowish in color with white feathers. Black shoulder peachicks start out being yellow but their feathers will have a cream color to them and eventually get more color. A pied peachick will just have patches of white. If you go to and look at their photo gallery then you will see some pictures of their peachicks.
Well, purple is a sex linked color and Jade is, for now only in spaldings . It is possible to have two different colors on the same bird. I don't see a Jade purple yet. It would take a lot of time to build the base to even get close to that . If it was Legg would have it by now ..

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