Peachick hatching (UPDATE) PICS NOW


10 Years
Apr 22, 2009
Lebanon, Virginia
Out of 6 eggs that I have tried, I have only had two develop. One was a quitter and the other wasn't due to hatch until wednesday. Today was the last day of turning. I just went in to turn and it is pipped. Is it too early? I am so worried. This one has to make it. Everyone send good hatching vibe my way and cross your fingers for me.
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*sending wishes for a quick, easy hatch and a thriving chick*

It has to hatch... then you can post pics and we can tell you how cute it is!

Looks like I have only 1 egg developing out of 6. You're giving me hope...
Good Luck!
(Can't wait to see pics of your peachick!)
Peafowl eggs are notorious for being very difficult to hatch, even if some people manage to hatch them pretty well.. there's always a bunch more who have a horrible time..

The standard info is 28 days but here(southern California) 26 days is very much the norm. I don't know why. It happens in incubator, under chickens or under peahens, 26 days it is. I've read 26 days being common or the norm for couple others.. someone has theorized that maybe those in the southern states tend towards 26 with northerners going 28. No idea if this has much basis though.
Well I didn't think he was going to make it out of the shell. He pipped and never did anything else. To make a long story short about 2 am I finally made the decision to help him out. I'm glad I did the membrane had shrunk and had him all squeezed into an extremely tight ball. It took forever and I was a nervous wreck, but I got him out. He is doing great so far (knock on wood). As soon as he gets all fluffed out and pretty, I will post some pics of him (hope it's a him) LOL. I wish I had known that they would hatch around day 26. Boy I wasn't prepared at all and probably what caused his problem.
Think that may have alot to do with the 26 days, most of mine hatch on 28 day, but I am in Ohio. Most people post about 26 days are from southern States.
It's been a stressful few days for me here. I have BCM's, lav orps, NH and delaware's, and my peachick all hatched within 4 days, LOL. Still have quail eggs to go, they are on day 15. Honestly I will be glad when everything is done, I get way too stressed, LOL. I'll post pics this afternoon. He is fluffing up.

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